Garden Sol Christmas Giftset Bundle

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The perfect gift set bundle to the big and little gardening lovers in your life. Gift set includes:

-5 x luxe Gardening Tools-  Adult and kids planting trowel,  Adult and Kids hand fork, and weeder all with beautiful wooden handles, strong stainless steel and leather straps. Adult tools approx 30cml, kids XXX


-1x Waxed Canvas Utility Roll- seven various sized slots is a multi use peice and can accommodate any random assortment of items, from garden tools, paint brushes, knives or kitchen utensils. For additional hold, there is a strong elastic strip sewn in. The top flap folds down, and then you roll it up in the brown belt for compact storage. Dimensions: Open approximately:  40 cm x 52 cm

- 2 x SOLTRIBE cotton and beaded bands- one spelling out REGENERATION, the other EARTH LOVER. Wear your earth love with pride.

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