Wandering Sol Sessions x Nikki


This series is called SOL Sessions. What is it that you do that makes your SOL sing?

So many things make my SOL sing, obviously painting first and foremost. Travelling certainly makes my soul sing, seeing new landscapes for the very first time! Surfing is a SOL singing activity I can’t live without.


Tell us about your career path. How did you get to where you are now?

I have loved art my whole life and have always been creative, it is a part of me. Throughout school I studied the subject and went on to do a Bachelor of design degree at UTS.

After finishing uni, I fell into a job doing murals, frescoes and special finishes in high end houses. I was also selling canvas paintings during that period. I spent many years travelling and completed the first year at the International Art School. I now find myself in this beautiful studio in Avalon, working towards exhibitions in the near future. I am also giving private drawing and painting lessons to both adults and children and I look forward to creating group sessions in the coming months. Of course, paint and wine evenings will be available soon!

What does living a Soulful life mean to you?


Living a Soulful life means living my truth. I have had to make some very difficult life decisions in order to follow my heart and creative spirit. We need to be very brave to live in a way that recognises our deepest inner desires.


How important is creativity in your day to day life?

I couldn’t live without creativity in my life on a daily basis. My hands are always busy, knitting, crocheting, card making, I don’t like to sit around I always need to achieve!


What have been the biggest challenges, or lessons in creating a values aligned business?

I am still facing many challenges in creating my business. The biggest being my ability to find a business mind! Bringing up three children and wanting to be present for them always also presents challenges.

Do you have any daily routines that nurture your soul?

Everyday I like to either surf or run as part of my routine to nurture my soul. It is so vital for my body and health to keep up these activities, especially to clear the mind. Connecting with my friends in the surf is definitely my highest priority, that is absolute food for the soul.


Talk us through your creative process. Where do you start?

My creative process always varies between jobs. I usually have an idea and and an image in my mind of something I would like to translate into an artwork. I am very good at visualising an end result, I just need to decide on a process that will get me there.

I will start with some sketches or computer images to work out how the piece will come together. I often google images to give me inspiration and go from there.

I like to stretch my own canvases although I am finding these days that bought ones are almost as good quality and save a lot of time. A blank canvas is an exciting object to me, so many possibilities! Once the first brush stroke is down, the process takes on its own life and sometimes heads in a completely new direction.

Finally, tell us about an upcoming project you’re passionate about.

I have recently been accepted as part of the Pittwater Artist’s Trail, just before COVID struck and I hope to get the opportunity to open my studio to the public as part of the trail when it is safe to go ahead with it.

I am also looking forward to holding an exhibition in my own space in the summer months. I am presently working on a series of headlands in the Pittwater area and will be excited to present them in that exhibition.

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