Wandering Sol Sessions x Faye Hanshaw

Wandering Sol Sessions- Mixed Media Artist Faye Hanshaw

This series is called SOL Sessions. What is it that you do that makes your SOL sing?

Creating art is what makes my SOL sing. I create textile paintings through a combination of paint and embroidery, which I feel creates feminine, delicate, tactile pieces.

Tell us about your career path. How did you get to where you are now? 

Well I’m actually a veterinary nurse and have been for many years now. Art has always been a hobby of mine, but friends and others have encouraged me to start selling my work so here I am!

What does living a Soulful life mean, or look like to you?

A Solful life to me is having good friends, a sense of community and purpose. Being close to and in nature as often as possible and doing what makes you happy.

How important is creativity in your day to day life?

Creativity is very important in my everyday life, I feel a little flat if I haven’t taken the time to pick up my work each day. However I also feel that creativity stretches much further than we think and sitting down to paint isn’t the only way to get creative.

Do you have any daily routines that nurture your soul?

Definitely. I like to start my day slowly and spend most mornings up on my local headland with a coffee catching up with friends and making new ones. The community energy up there is amazing and I often get inspiration after talking to people or just enjoying the ocean views. Then a quick dip in the ocean, which always clears my head and then home to paint. A walk in nature always feels nurturing and helps me when I’m lacking energy or direction.

Talk us through your creative process. Where do you start?

I generally start by getting inspiration from beautiful images I often find on Pinterest or certain Instagram accounts. I’m hoping in the future to set up photoshoots on the beach to get my own original poses and images, but for now I am inspired by others.

Finally, tell us about an upcoming project you’re passionate about

My upcoming project I’m most excited about is this beautiful collaboration I am doing with Wandering Sol for Christmas. I’m over the moon to be asked to collaborate with two such lovely, supportive women and excited to see how it progresses. Check out the print here and more of Faye's work at  www.fayehanshawart.com 

 the kiss limited edition embroidered artwork print

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