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Sustainable bamboo paddle with fun flippable conversation starters, this is the perfect antidote to recent community isolation. Offering endless entertainment in the car or on the go, these are the ultimate eco gift to re-spark connection and community joy. Start a conversation with the bored truck driver in the next door lane, ask a car full of passing kids if they "wanna party," or flip that special someone a cheeky 'you're cute." 


  • Paddle made from sustainable bamboo and bronze rings holding flippable paper cards
  • Bottom tabs for easy to find conversation starters. Selection of 16 phrases:  Hello Sunshine, Love, Yes, No, You Wish, Pull Over, You're Cute, Smile, Enjoy the Ride, Slow Down, Wanna Party, What You Lookin At, Get Off My Tail, Good Vibes, Hands in the Air, Let's Dance
  • Dimensions: Oval section 17cmx14cm Handle 3cm x 7cm.

Sol Credentials

  • Bamboo is a sustainable, fast growing grass that requires no fertiliser and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn’t need to be replanted. It can rapidly restore severely degraded landscapes in poor rural areas, returning life and productivity to the soil, and an income to local communities.

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