The most beautiful earth friendly beach bag, these bags are handmade in Laos jungle villages using organic vegan Pueraria vine fiber.


  • These bags may look delicate but are extremely strong and remarkably durable and stretchy to fit all your shopping essentials.
  • The loose vine stitches filters out sand, making this bag the perfect beach bag
  • Dimensions; 38 x 33cm with a 92cm cross body strap
  • As they are handmade, each piece can take over two weeks to complete, and have their own unique variations in size, colour and design.

Sol Credentials

  • Indigenous Khmu artisans gather Pueraria phaseoloides from the forests around their villages, strip the pulp from the fibers, spin them by hand and tie them into bags. The design has been passed down for generations, but cheap plastic import bags nearly decimated the craft. The Nature Bag project has saved the ancient Khmu craft and provided economic opportunities for these remote, isolated tribe.
  • The vine grows without cultivation, irrigation, or chemicals, and improves the soil where it grows as well as purifying the air, thus actually improving the natural climate, making them one of the most eco friendly bags on earth. 
  • 100% biodegradable
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