Meet the Founder


Hey there, I’m Narelle – the creator, daydreamer, and lead visionary behind Wandering Sol. 

Wandering Sol was sparked by a few things close to my heart: a need to carry ‘all the things’, a yearning for an eco-friendly market companion, a mission to cut down plastic waste and landfill, and of course, a desire for wheels that turned heads! It all began when my youngest outgrew his pram – a trusty sidekick that doubled as my farmers market hauler and all-purpose carrier. This marked the start of my quest for the perfect set of wheels. But alas, the market's offerings were uninspiring, filled with plastic-clad carts that just didn't align with my vision. 

When my first $80 cart found its way to landfill, I was determined to create a cart that was both sustainable and a joy to use, something that would stand the test of time. Enter the Wanderer and Nimble Wanderer Carts – born from this determination and shaped by a commitment to timeless quality. Our commitment to natural materials extends to packaging too. No plastic in sight, right from creation to your doorstep. 

Some exciting news too - a shiny new cart design is around the corner, bursting with new colours and features that we know you’ll love. 

Here at Wandering Sol, every roll matters. Every journey counts towards our shared goal of making a difference, no matter how big or small. 

With heartfelt appreciation, I extend a massive thank you for being part of this adventure. You, my friend, are what makes this journey well worth the ride. 

Stay inspired, Narelle x 


For The Earth

Our sol commitment is to ensure our range is as sustainable and ethical as possible. We consider the life cycle of every product we create.

Our customers know that our planet is drowning in plastic pollution and want to be a part of the solution. Not only do we work hard to reject plastic use in our products and packaging. We also support you in your plastic reduction journey by making products to simplify bulk shopping and farmers markets.

For the Soul

Our range is designed to respark the soul. To lighten the mother load, the Earth’s plastic load and to slow down and simplify, and to encourage you to recharge in nature.

We re-imagine everyday objects to be more functional, sustainable, beautiful, and joyful to use. We design our range in Avalon on Sydney's Northern Beaches, and innovate with the natural world at the heart of all we do.