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Buying in bulk helps us to save on packaging waste.  Individual products sold in supermarkets are predominantly packaged in unnecessary plastic.  Most plastic packaging also contains harmful chemicals that can leach into water and soil, adversely affecting both our health, and that of our environment.

Tips to help you bulk buy:

  • Prepare your pantry. Save old glass containers and bottles, and label them ready to take with you. Whilst there are some gorgeous label options available, masking tape and a pen is all you need to transform an old jam jar into your new refillable pantry jar.
  • Pop all your refillable containers and reusable produce bags in a box, ready to take to your local bulk whole foods shop. This will help you remember what you need, and will enable you to restock liquids and powders just as easily as nuts and grains.
  • Start small. You don't have to fill up your whole foods pantry all at once, as this can be overwhelming and expensive- especially when being mindful of use by dates. Start with a few items you frequently use and choose one or two special buys each visit, and your pantry will fill in no time.
Zoe Dent

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