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 Wandering Sol is a conscious, innovative, values based lifestyle brand that supports natural and sustainable living. Our goal is to create functional yet beautiful wares to help your soul adventure lightly. We endeavour to create ethical products that are both useful and joyful, and built to last. Circular economic design processes lie at the core of our business model, and we consider the life cycle of every product we create and support.



Wandering Sol emerged out of the joint desire of two friends to create functional and desirable ethical products that supported their family’s commitment to sustainable living. With numerous businesses under their belt, Zoe and Narelle have an innate understanding of the need to create a soulful, values aligned business.

Narelle’s finance and logistics background aligns perfectly with Zoe’s marketing and health background, and all core Wandering Sol products have been lovingly Australian designed in their creative beachside town of Avalon, NSW.

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