Imperfectly Perfect Seagrass Baskets - Copper

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Handwoven in Northern Vietnam, our natural seagrass baskets are a best seller. With nice long handles, these baskets are an easy and stylish way to carry your everyday items! 

As these baskets are handmade, not all of them arrive beautifully straight! Some are a little squished and out of shape. We have decided to sell these imperfectly perfect baskets at a discount!! 

We know that you'll love them for who they are ;-) 


The Sol Shopper has also been designed as the ultimate companion to The Wanderer, (sold separately) as this beautiful seagrass basket fits perfectly on its base. 


  • Natural seagrass fibre is lightweight and looks delicate, yet the basket is designed to carry up to 15kg.
  • Tapered Dimensions; outside top length 460mm, width 320mm, depth 245- similar in size albeit slightly larger to complimentary supermarket plastic baskets.
  • Double loop handles for reinforcement and optimal folding.
  • Wrapped handle for added comfort.

Sol Credentials

  • Seagrass is 100% naturally biodegradable and its remarkable strength and durability and can be woven into a baskets and bags with little treatment.
  • Handcrafted in Northern Vietnam this basket purchase can help local communities earn a fair living.

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